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To the OP, get your 'facts' right.

My facts are right.

If your facts are right, prove them as already been asked before. Your
arguments are pure nonsense unless you can provide proof. What the EU
is doing, should have been done decades ago.
Yep, another socialist calling for more tyranny of the state.

LOL. I am just another one of those "proud Europeans" who is looking a
bit further than just over the corner of my plate, like it seems you
are doing...

MS has no right what so ever to force us into a particular decision.
They do not.

LOL. On what planet are you living? They do not? What about MS IE and
MS Media player?You cannot even uninstall Internet Explorer without
further hassles and you call that not forcing us in decisions.

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It has been well documented. Airbus is pretty much a state run business
receiving all kinds of protections from the state. I will add that the Airbus jets are quite nice though.

Mhhm, which state then? If you had googled you would be aware that this
is a company operating Europe wide and a joint-venture of several
governments. Also a state run business does not imply being subsidized
by the state itself! Especially since you have here more than one state

Yes, but with the new world order of suitcase nukes, and deadly germs that
can be carried by a person, you have to accept that security measures are
needed, especially when states like Germany or France would be more than
happy to fund an Arab to come over to America and release a weapon like that.

Not only do we have to be concerned about the intentions of radical moslems,
we need to watch our so called friends like Germany and France.

The facts are that radical islamists are bent on causing harm to America and her citizens.
If you want to avoid this truth, knock yourself out.

Speechless, since this is the dumbest thing I have heard you say so
far. It gives me a good picture of yourself tho and prolly would fall
under all those cliches some Europeans have of americans...

I recognize the threat coming from those so called Islamic religious leaders
who are encouraging their ignorant followers to engage in violence against
western interests, especially American people.

Ha, I dont think you are religious, I think you are paranoid!


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