Re: Who Is This Outfit

"john" wrote:

Rick Merrill wrote:
john wrote:
194 . 25 . 26 . 102

It's in the block to which belongs to
Akamai Techologies. They are an Internet content distribution service.

Deutsche Telekom AG

They are the ISP providing the wires.

OrgName: Hewlett-Packard Company OrgID: HP

I don't see how HP figures in this.

What's it to you?

They connected to my computer while I was browsing newsgroups.

Things don't connect to your computer unless you are running software
which is listening for, and capable of receiving connections.

It tied everything up. I ran netstat and got the ip number.

So what port did it use, and what program or service was listening on
the port that accepted the connection?


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