Re: Curious HTTP connections

From: "Abel X" <nospamthanks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| I started having slow startup problems with my computer, that is the part of
| the startup after the Windows screen and before the desktop is fully loaded
| and settled down. I also noticed a lot of processor activity and, as I have
| an icon to show when my computer is connected to the internet, I also
| noticed that on some occasions there was internet activity.
| I decided to run open the command window and run the netstat -a command to
| see what connections were active. Why is it that an "http" connection is
| open sometimes at startup, or at other times, when I either have not yet
| opened a browser, or when I do not have a browser open? Just curious?
| This is even the case on a machine that I recently re-installed the system
| on and updated it, then installed Norton Internet Security and updated that
| also.
| Abel X


You haven't supplied ANY supporting information.