Re: Symantec definitions 4 April 2006

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On Thu, 05 Oct 2006 00:15:41 GMT, Luigi Donatello Asero wrote:

Can you load the virus definitions from the 4th of April 2006 by

They have a feature on their web site called an intelligent updater that
can load them in for you along with other updates, if you choose to use



Thank you.
I could download them a while after writing this post.
I have some other questions:
1) Which softwares does Symantec sell for Windows 98
2) If I changed from Windows 98 into Linux, which Antivirus and Firewalls
would I need?
3) How long does it take to learn and use Linux?
4) Which FTP software do you recommend to upload and download safely files
to and from websites?
5) Is is possible to buy this software without using credit cards, that
means by invoice?

I am also interested to know about other Security systems than Symantec, not
only by Symantec.

Luigi Donatello Asero
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