Re: Computer Problem

"Chris Suckling" <csba17084@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
For some reason i keep getting my A Drive light on tower light up with a
noise that sounds like it is searching for a disk even though i am not
actually using that drive at the moment. Is there any reason for this and
could i be being hacked at all, any suggestions would be
If this has been constant since working on hardware, then the other reply is

If this is a new thing, then I have found it to come from some form of
It may involve periodic drive activity, such as on startup or shutdown, or
random times.
The last time I recall it happenig was when my son installed one of the file
sharing programs here - bearshare, gnutella, limewire, kazaa or something
similar. It went away when I reformatted and reinstalled windows, but it
probably could have been reinstalled.

Our immediate solution was to unplug the drive.

There is also an anti virus program we have used which periodicaly checked
the floppy drive to see if anything was there to be scanned, even when the
drive was empty.

Try to find out what is actually running when the drive activity happens