Re: Image Files - Safety

Would you please fix your quoting? Thanks in advance.<<
Sorry, Sebastian. I don't know what you mean. Explain please.

Well, you really should know how to Google.<<
A simple "Yes" or "No" would suffice. The purpose of language is to
communicate. not impress. I'm not as familiar with this subject mater as you
and defer to your expertise. I did Google both, found "Bzip2" compression
software but in the time I cared to devote to the search, found only
"designated driver" for "dd" . which I rejected as being your reference.
Nevertheless, you did go on in your reply to give enough of an explanation
for me to understand that "dd" is a software program that has the ability to
include in the copies it makes, all (I assume) the code necessary to put the
copy back on a clean machine and enable it to execute as it did prior to
having created the copy.. hopefully after having being "cleaned" in some
manner by the user.

\AFAIK it doesn't support anything like conversion or mounting or
extraction, so I'm afraid to tell you that you most likely need to buy or
borrow another drive or sufficient size.<<

I did buy another external drive; that's where the image file resides. The
"mechanic" put it there with Acronis True Image then gave me a copy with the
key. I don't want to use his copy; I want a legitimate copy; the authors of
that software deserve their royalties. though the level of profit merchants
may be "entitled" to could be cause for lengthy discussion judging from the
range of retail prices for this software.

Obviously, if you're just interested in data not containing any code at
all, you can just extract those<<

Awha! Here's my answer! Extracting a user file is all I want to do from what
I know at this point. The objective is to recover a .pst file from Outlook
2003 and whatever file I need to make my BCM file (Business Contact Manager
in Outlook 2003) work again.

I appreciate your taking time to give me that explanation of the validation
and normalization process. I hope I never find myself in that desperate a
need to reconstruct files. If I'm unsuccessful in recovering what I'm after
at present, I may be angry, but I won't be lost. I can rebuild if necessary.
No financial data lost. though I am curious about your reference to "tax
declaration.odt". What the "odt" extension associated with?

I appreciate your taking the time to help, Sebastian. I got my answer and
then some. Thank you.

"Sebastian Gottschalk" <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
jaygreg wrote:

"Sebastian Gottschalk" <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
jaygreg wrote:

The Acronis image setting on the external drive I was advised to buy
for backup contains an image file of my computer while it was
infected. It

Would you please fix your quoting? Thanks in advance.

An expert wouldn't use proprietary formats for backups. I'd used 'dd'
and 'bzip2', such an image would be easily mountable (and even
read-only) under any operating system.

I really don't know the level of expertise of the guy. He has a shop...
I had a need at the time... I was up a creek... he said he could help.
So he made an image of the drive.

The problem is that this shitty software will only allow you to play back
the image to a drive, but not to mount it separately.

I assume the "dd" and "bzip2" you refer to are two alternative programs?

Well, you really should know how to Google.

Why would you use them?

As I already told you, 'dd' can be used to simply create a bytewise exact
copy of the raw partition or drive, which then in turn is also trivially
mountable. Bzip2 obviously serves for data compression.

No. You should delete every executable (including DLLs, OCXs, ACMs, AXs
and alike) and you should carefully validate and/or normalize all data

I've never used the program so I don't know what to expect. When I get
Acronis installed on my machine, what do I do next? Select the image
file and hit some button that converts it to ... whatever?

AFAIK it doesn't support anything like conversion or mounting or
extraction, so I'm afraid to tell you that you most liklely need to buy or
borrow another drive or sufficient size.

Or do I just go to the directory he created, scroll to the directories I
think contain what I want then convert just them? Or search for every
file you listed above plus .exe and delete them?

Obviously, if you're just interested in data not containing any code at
all, you can just extract those.

How do I validate or normalize data?

By using the relevant minimalistic tools for the formats and reprocessing
Par example an SVGZ image file would require being decompressed with
to an uncompressed SVG, then validated with an XML parser against the XML
format and the SVG DTD, then opened with a comparably minimalistic SVG
editor (like Inkscape), then saved and recompressed. This procedure would
ensure that every part of the format follows its specification (the gzip
stream being valid) and has a normal form (f.e. with all entities in the
XML part being fully expanded, all superfluos entries discarded), so any
modified data won't be able to cause havok when being processed later by
more complex (and therefore potentially more vulnerable) programs.

Of course it will still require semantic validation. You should take a
at your "tax declaration.odt" to ensure that not just only little number
was added.


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