Re: Not my IP address - help!

On 9 Sep 2006 19:05:58 -0700, andreal@xxxxxxx wrote:

I was running a hijack log and noticed the IP address was a little odd.
I did a whois search and sure enough it was an AOL address. I logged
out and back in and this time it was a pacbell address. Somehow my IP
address is being hijacked and I don't have the slightest idea how to
stop this. I'm not logging into my email or anything (and I have no
idea how long this has been going on). I'm an intermediate when it
comes to computers, I have all the malware software and that's what I
was running (ewido, spybot, adware, etc) and none of it shows anything
but that's all I know. Also, can they view my passwords and what else
can they see on my computer? How do I get this to stop? Any help would
be greatly appreciated it.

Are you using Tor, or are you going through any service that goes through
Tor? If you are, Tor changes I.P.'s every 10 minutes.

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