Re: Is a key tracker ever benign?

Gualtier Malde <valacapt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

What's a good replacement for OE on my WIN98SE machine? I reformated
the disc, threw out Symantic, settled on Kerio (small footprint) and
FireFox but according to some here... I must be awfully vulnerable
through OE.

I read a lot of newsarticles clipped by Google News. I see statements
on a lot of site now marked "RSS". I know it's a file format but
really don't know if it has any benefit to me. I don't blog... but may
be interested if whatever program is needed doesn't have a long
learning curve... I'm not THAT interested in reading questionable

Any advise would be apprecaited.

I recommend Thinderbird. It's a very good general-purpose email program
(not quite as slick as Outlook but without the vulnerabilities and bloat as

One of its best features is how well it handles encrypted email (with
GnuPG/Enigmail extension) including good support for PGP/Mime.