Re: BBC Hightlights Issue Over Computer Recycling

On Wed, 16 Aug 2006 13:04:09 +0100, Stephen Howard
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Ant wrote:

I recycle computers - or rather, I source all my IT kit from the local
I'm constantly amazed at what people chuck away...3GHz cpus..15"
TFTs...DVD writers...256Mb graphics TV tuners...UPSs
etc. I haven't bought a new printer cartridge in need to, I
simply buy another printer for a few quid.
What really annoys me is finding an otherwise superb machine that's
had its guts smashed simply to prevent anyone accessing any
information contained on the hard drive ( and sod's law dictates that
the hard drive is always a large one ).

Do the council just let you take stuff? I'm intrigued as there's a tip
only a mile or two away from here.