Re: Which Software is best for securely deleting files and sanitizing hard drives?

Truncat wrote:

The answer can only be partial, I have tried PGP Wiper, Steganos
Wiper, and Paragon, without doubt I prefer Paragon Disk Wipe the
reason being is the number of choices it gives you are overwhelming,

Who cares, if it doesn't do its job right?

and the only wiping software I know of that can delete a whole OS
booting from a CD-Rom.

Lol? I can even do this from the running system with 'dd' under Windows,
but surely almost any Linux/BSD Live CD does the job as well.

I heard DBAN is good too but havent tested it.

Neither PGP Wiper, Steganos or Paragon are free, DBAN is.

And apples are no bananas. DBAN is supposed to overwrite entire
partitions and harddisks, but not single files - and isn't suitable for
the latter either.