Re: Spam

"Sebastian Gottschalk" <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
new guy wrote:
Blocking the servers where the spam comes from.
So you want to block your very own mail provider?

Yeah, yeah, very funny ...
I meant the servers that are the source of the spam ....

OK, then, I'll present you all implicitly reliable information that are
not under the choice of the spammer:

| Received: from
| ( []) by l-daemon
| (Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.2-2.05 (built Apr 28 2005))
| with ESMTP id <0J2600BNFFMEVU00@l-daemon> for newguy@xxxxxxx; Mon,
| 10 Jul 2006 01:32:38 -0600 (MDT)
| Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 09:26:43 +0200
| To: newguy@xxxxxxx

The same holds for any legitimate mail.

So, now for the questions if you still don't get the obvious:
- Where is the real server?

- If you ever find it (means: none of the other information are faked),
is it a spammer's machine or just one of literally thousands of
hijacked computers?

prod, ESMTP, "", it's a spoof, right?

What do you achieve with shutting down only one such
- Do you try to shutdown every possible source of the 50+ spam mails you
receive per day?

Actually, I receive 1 or 2 spams a day, no more than that, and it looks like
it always comes from the same source.

Dude, get a serious spam filter like any other clever guy does.

I will try that. Thanks for your help!