Re: Ebay phishing,

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nethere20@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
After logging-on to the sell items page on Ebay,

Based on what you say after that,
I think at that point you have already been fooled.

a phishing prompt is asking for credit card information.
How can I remove this prompt from my account?

Why not ask ebay?
(N.A.N-A.E is certailnly not the right place to ask.)

Try this, turn off your PC, unplug it, put it in the trash
dumpster, problem solved.

Okay, I amused at tech. humor too. There is a time to be funny and
there is a time to be well........serious!
Since many people have received phishing scams, and are looking to this
newsgroup for answers, can anybody please be specific on how to
"get-rid" of phishing prompts?

I had forwarded the "phishing link" to Ebay, and they only sent a
"generic response" that said the link was a fraudulent attack on my
Ebay Account. Reported the link to

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