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A nice summary of the Deloitte Touche 2006 Global Security Survey, and
links to the Survey, and other articles that cover the survey.
Deloitte survey of 150 companies in technology, media,
telecommunications ... more than half reported Security Breaches in
the past 12 month; 48% via spyware / malware; 50% of respondents
reported internal breaches.. Read More:

I believe it. God I am glad I use Linux both at work and at home...


I bet the reasons for these problems are mainly due to lousy security
policies and the implementation (or lack) of same.

...these and also the fact that Microsoft has dropped the ball so many
times with security on the Windows platform that the current
spyware/malware has become an epidemic....

Go Mac, Go Linux, Go with anything that is safer than Windblows...


I would'nt say I fully disagree. But on the other hand, if I were to
code some malware, I would definately go for the most widespread

I hear this from a lot people trying desperately to ignore the Microsoft
plague, the excuse of it being hacked so much because of popularity. First,
the last number I as was 88% to 92% PC running MS. When why are
99.999999999% of the viruses/malware/crapware Windows only? It would follow
from your excuse that 88% to 92% would be windows only. Also, then why
not "code" in java since all modern OSes have it installed?

There are many reasons why Microsoft, and Microsoft only, are being plagued
by this:

1) Microsoft and their partners make money, and a lot of it, from selling
you anti-spyware, anti-virus, etc.

2) Most people are stupid and take the abuse without researching other

3) Microsoft cares more about the marketing of their products than the
security of their products

4) There are always brain washed idiots who will say "It is not Microsoft's
fault, it is because their products as so popular" and these people,
amazingly, really believe it!

Think about it,

It's not just what tool You use, but also how You use it.

Pass a Net Neutrality Law in the US!!!!

Save the Internet:

Its our net:


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