Re: windows 2000 server being hacked.

junkmail wrote:

but closing ports via a router, cant happen. firewalls close ports. not

Firewalls don't close ports either. They restrict port access. Ports are
closed by deactivating the service or the client. Better re-read RFC 793.

that are not being used - which is one way
that hackers get access to your computer.
Even more bullshit.

And why should someone use a router for such a job?

a router does not stop or even slow down hackers.

a fire wall will slow them down. but not stop a determined hacker.

Hm... a serious firewall will reliably deny outside access to an inside
service. If that's the only way of compromise, you really made it there.

Anyway, denying access to accidentially misconfigured services can also
be done a simple packet filter on the host itself. No need for putting
any additional device there.