Re: A Hijacking Problem

Ron wrote:

David H. Lipman wrote:

From: "Ron" <ryon@xxxxxxxx>

| Lately I have been plagued by ads for Windows Antispyware that kept
| popping up all the damn time with it's message that my system may be
| running slow because of a virus. Ha! The only "virus" is the damn ad. I
| used an anti-spyware & adware program to get rid of all the tracking
| cookies, and for a while those ads stopped popping up. Now my system is
| being hijacked to:
| I would be in the middle of somthing, then my browser would jump to
| that webpage. The anti-spyware program doesn't seem to stop this
| problem at all. Can anyone tell me what's going on here and is there
| some way to stop my browser from being hijacked to that page as well as
| getting rid of that anti-virus ad for good? Thanks.
| Ron

What is the EXACT mesages inidicating in you are infected ?

What exactly is the anti malware application that you are suggested to use ?

Somewhat ironically it was the Win Anti-Virus program I think it was
called. I had used an anti-spyware program which claimed it had fixed
the problem, but that was always temporary. I then tried a new program
that was supposed to be freeware-- and it is as long as you don't ask
the program to do anything effective besides locating adware and
spyware. But once I found out there were a couple of hijacking java
scripts lurking around in my temporary Internet files, I deleted all of
those and numerous cookies, everything once again seems safe and
normal. But I'll have to wait and see if the problems are really gone
for good; sometimes it seems to be gone for a day or two, then it would
be back again


Generally you can run only 1 AV and 1 anti-spyware program: they tend to report one another!