Re: U.S. gov't more active in piracy fight

imhotep <inhotep@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Translation: The music industry's lobbyists are working hard to buy the US
Senators to push their agenda abroad....nice eh?

Well, maybe. I think the RIAA and MPAA have done far more harm to themselves
than they've helped, but consider the following:

The US earned almost $9B (that's billion) in revenue last year from world wide
film sales & rentals. See for
the gory details. That does not include music sales.

IIRC, entertainment is second only to Aerospace (ie, those Boeing 777s) for
generating foreign revenue for the US.

If the US is going to be outsourcing all those low paid manufacturing & coding
jobs to third world countries, we need to replace that economic engine with
something or this countries standard of living will quickly decline.

Some fair means of protecting those assets would seem to be necessary.