Re: A free antispyware app (SS&D) fares awfully vs competitor for me

guybannister58@xxxxxxx wrote:

Until a few minutes ago I used Spybot Search & Destroy regularly for at
leats a year or so. Then, perhaps 20 minutes ago, I scanned my system
with the spyware detection and removal utility of the trial version of
Super Utilties (ver. 6.25) -- it found 49 instances of spyware! Before
removing the 49 instances, however, I AGAIN ran my SS&D -- as usual, it
detected that my Windows Firewal was off as well as, on this occasion,
an instance of Casal Media spyware. Disturbingly (in contrast to what
Super Utilities had found, *that* was *ALL* it detected.

I realize SS&D is free (ironically, I almost sent in a small donation a
few days ago but was too lazy -- now I WON'T) and that my copy of SU
will expire in less than 2 weeks, but JAYSUS!: compared to the *49*
spywares found by SU versus SS&D's pathetic *1* I'd have to say that
SS&D (for me, anyway) although free is virtually WORTHLESS.

I'd like to hear from others who've used/continue to use SS&D -- have
you ever compared it to other spyware killers? Did you find it as
lacking as I did or do you feel confident, based one xperience, in
saying it's compretitive with other anti-spyware apps?

What were the 49? Please post the list..."tracking cookies" are NOT