Re: want a simple firewall

From: "Rick Merrill" <rick0.merrill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| David H. Lipman wrote:
From: "Rick Merrill" <rick0.merrill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

|>> Got that but it doesn't stop the script kiddies from trying to find the
|>> password for the "administrator" on the FTP server (they won't take the
|>> hint that there IS NO 'admin."!

Sounds like you need a FireWall appliance that examines all FTP packets and will block or
reject activity based upon a set of rules.

| Isn't "giving the password" a simple enough rule?-)

That's what the FTP Daemon does -- authenticate.

You want something to block the non-wanted people trying to exploit vulnerabilities and
search for flaws.

Otherwise just get a *better* FTP Daemon.