Re: FCC Approves Net-wiretapping Taxes

Imhotep wrote:

So you really think that a Gov with billions in resources can't crack SSL?

Of course they can. We even have a pretty good idea how long it would
take them. But that's completely irrelevant because they don't have to
try. SSL encryption is far less vulnerable to attack than SSL protocol,
or the people who operate servers and hand out certificates. Why waste
time with a bunch of math when you can circumvent the encryption
completely and have what you want with no effort at all?

Why do you think there are Gov organizations like the NSA? Why do you think
they, the NSA, have one of the largest collection of Supercomputers in the
World? It is not to play video games....

No, it's to monitor, collect, and analyze data. We already know their
capabilities, or at least a theoretical upper limit that most people
assume. This makes "strong crypto" secure for most uses, but as I said
above that's completely irrelevant.