Suspicious Icons on Desktop

A neighbor just called me concerning two Icons on the desktop of her
computer. It is a Dell Dimension 8400 with windows XP Pro (SP2 and with the
latest MS Security Updates). She also has Symantec Norton Internet
Security, NAV 2006, and Adaware SE Plus installed.

The two icons appeared yesterday on her computer and unfortunately she
clicked on the first one and her computer registry was supposedly scanned
and found some errors in her computer and recommended something to the
effect of purchasing a registry program. I had her accomplish a properties
on the first Icon named "Registry Cleaner" and read me the entry for the
Target, and it was as follows:
http:\\\clk;26983459;5531471. The second Icon named
Registry Cleaner, had for properties, Target: C:/Program Files/Registry
Cleaner Trial/Regclean.exe. I also had her run Adaware and it found 18
tracking cookies and she put them in quarantine. Her NAV 2006 and Adaware
definitions were up todate.

At this point, I am reluctant to recommend the deletion of the Icons on the
desktop and the removal of the Registry Cleaner Trial folder in windows
explorer since I don't know what she has on her computer. I also ran a
Google search but did not find any applicable information. Any suggestions
would be very much appreciated, Sam.


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