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The biggest problem with MS software is viruses. It sound like when
you are running the OS you have decrypted the OS (since you are
running it) how does this really help you? You still can get a
virus/spyware/adware/etc. Is it that you do not want anyone to view
what you have on your hard disk. Is this the only reason why you are
considering this?

Protection against viruses is not the purpose of full HD OTFE encryption.
However, it does slightly limit some infection paths.

Not only does it protect data from being read when the machine is off, it
makes the machine invulnerable to leaked info (there's no place for it to
leak to) and obviates the need for scrubbing (swap files, registry, etc.,
etc.) Moreover, it makes it next to impossible to install software
keyloggers or tamper (except in a random way) with any data, programs,
etc. on the HD.

If so, look into the encryption that they are using. Stay away from
proprietary encryption technologies since more often than not, they
rely on security by obscurity....

All the products I listed use mainstream algorithms. With that said,
though, it's unfortunate that none are open-source (as, for instance,
Truecrypt is). With encryption the devil is in the details.

Regards, question is that when running the OS is NOT in an encrypted state so
it really does not help at all when you are using the MS PC. In fact, it
only help prevent someone from:

1) Booting up the PC (unauthorized)
2) Someone viewing you hard disk (when the pc is off, or the hard disk has
been removed)

....but really all infections come when the OS is running...