Re: winmgjd.dll

Ken Ward wrote:
Windows XP computer with current patches. For some time now, when
doing a defrag of the C: drive, the report at the end advises that
file C:\\windows\system\winmgjd.dll is fragmented in three parts &
cannot be moved.

I cannot find this file on my system.

Could be:

- you being unable to change the attributes of this file, not being able
to configure explorer or using the 'dir' command
- filesystem error (did you run chkdsk in before?)
- cloaking

I cannot find any reference to this file on or by google.

If this file doesn't belong to any software package you installed or
Windows itself (clearly not), then your system has been compromised. If
you want to do some forensics, make a backup of that partition and keep
it somewhere. Then flatten and rebuild.

Does anyone know how to look for what appears to be a super-hidden
file? Has anyone heard of this file?

Super-hidden files are usually attributes with $, are inside the
namespace $MFT and limited to some very few predefined ones.