Re: ZeroSpyware Enterprise Evaluation

Sean Heeger wrote:


Man, just lighten up people. Can't you see that an apology was given? I

Second that!

It's like there's some people who have been slamming their nuts in a
drawer every time they saw a piece of SPAM and when they finally get to
talk to someone who just LOOKS like a SPAMMER they go ape shit trying to
pay him back for all of it.

Take your meds and have a nap already. <SHEESH!>

By the way, I did download an evaluation of the ZeroSpyware v3.4 today
and have been hitting it pretty hard on my testing platform. It gets 5
stars. If you guys were on the Mind of Mancia show, Carlos would give
you a big Dee-Dee-Dee.

Thank you for some USEFUL input to the thread Sean. >:O)