Re: Jetico Software Firewall (Freeware)?

galt_57@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
optikl wrote:
galt_57@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I had been using Zonealarm free but I would really like to switch to
Jetico. [...]

I am still struggling to figure it out. Ugh.
You could look at other options:

1. Hardening your operating system so that it's not susceptible to

2. Considering an appliance (router, VPN Firewall, etc.)

3. An other PFW that would be easier to set-up and configure.

Yes, thank you. Your item #2 is the driving issue. I did add a hardware
firewall -- and as a result I don't see much need for a software
firewall anymore unless it is capable of helping to associate running
processes with outbound traffic (leak detection). With that in mind my
preliminary investigation seems to indicate that my prior SW firewall
(ZoneAlarm-free) is nearly worthless at leak detection while Jetico is
one of the best for this purpose -- thus my interest.

Leak detection preoccupation fascinates me. Its premise is flawed.
Anyway, if you're concerned about rogue processes and programs being added to your start up folders and creating malicious services, get a program like Process Explorer or WinPatrol. They are far more useful than most PFW's I've used. The only reason I even have a PFW on my company laptop is because it's company policy to have one when I'm on the road. At home, none of my equipment has a PFW. I rely on an appliance, instead.