Re: I can't post to this group

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
Jim Watt wrote:

I can't post to this group via email,
Of course you can't. Usenet is not eMail and they're not interoperable.
Get yourself informed at Wikipedia or read the relevant RFCs!

How fools rush in;

Have you never heard of email to usenet gateways, used by those who
wish to hide their identity?

Then he shouldn't complain here but blame his provider.

Anyway, AFAIK is no such gateway and he has been
posting at So most likely a lack
of understanding what he's doing.

Generally anyone who feels the need to do that in normal groups like
this one is probably a timewasting wanker.

Anyway, alt.test would be a much better place for testing.

Anyhow if the guy 'can't post' how come he did ?

He found the standard Google Groups web-interface? Obviously!

I am not posting here to test or to complaint that I can't post, I
wanted advice about why this is happening.

E-mails to news is not only used by those who want to hide their
identity but also by those that for some reason (i.e:internet filter)
can't post via web interface or simply because they prefer to post via

Now lets see if anybody here can tell me why in some googlegroups it is
possible to post via email and not in this one, because what causes the
confusion is that whilst I can post via email to other places I can't
do so here, and I dont use amy remailer or special technique.



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