Re: FTP Client With File Encryption For Remote Backup?

"Tom" <Tom@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Thanks for the clarification. However, I am using a software firewall (as
well as a firewall on my router) so the firewall would warn that a
particular application is trying to make an outbound connection to a
particular site.

Ah, cool. Yeah, you'd be likely to detect it then.

As you said, firewall integrated to networking equipment can only control
ports, since they are not aware of the software, so if I allow port 80
(HTTP), any application could do an HTTP post or GET. The benefit of a
proper software firewall (more advanced than the one built in Windows XP,
which does not allow outbound filtering) is to provide this level of
granularity (eg I want IE to access port 80 but I don't want Outlook

I agree.

You are probably right: if I wanted to be sure at 100%, I would create the
software myself. Since I am not a security expert, I would probably end-up
not doing encryption properly, or save the password on a text file!

Hee hee. Yup, tis true enough!

Best of luck with it, and kudos again on finding a bit of software
that had this handy feature for cutting remote offsite backups to
untrusted servers.

Best Regards,
Todd H.