Re: FTP Client With File Encryption For Remote Backup?

I never said it was top secret files, just personal files like bank
statements which I don't want my ISP staff to look at.

FYI, the software is not cuban, but written by a Swedish citizen. Secondly,
how it is going to send anything to a site, apart from the FTP I have
designated, based on my firewall rules? If the software was trying to
contact a site outside the FTP, I would see it. In the same way, I would see
on my web/FTP site traffic on the log files.

Also, I might as well trust software written by an individual to be as
secured as software written by, say, Microsoft, which could have some

Since you seem to have an answer to everything, what is your suggestion then
to the original question? All I see from you is contributions with little or
no value.

"D. Spencer Hines" <poguemidden@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

This pogue is going to use FREE, CUBAN software to encrypt his Top Secret
files and then store them on an FTP server.

Virginia, it just doesn't get any better than this.


P. T. Barnum was RIGHT!


"Todd H." <comphelp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

The paranoid person's next question though would shift to the software
writer..."is this Cuban written backup app itself caching my ftp
username/password along with decryption keys anywhere to send to

Best Regards,
Todd H.