Re: FTP client with file encryption for remote backup?

~David~ wrote:

Utterly useless. If the files are encrypted at the destination it means
that both the encryption keys and/or pass phrase are available to anyone
with rights on that server. That could include nefarious tech support
people, foreign spies, or anything in between. Your data is only
slightly more secure than cleartext. At least your grandmother wouldn't
be able to read it, assuming she's only a stereotypical grandmother. ;)

If a good enough password is used with the key it will make the security
stronger. But encrypting them before hand is still the best way.

No. Your password strength is completely meaningless in this scenario
because for encryption to be done remotely that password MUST somehow be
transmitted to the remote machine, in a usable form. IOW, you MUST give
them your password willingly, in the clear as far as they're concerned.
There simply is no other way for them to "enter" it