Re: FTP client with file encryption for remote backup?

Why would his ISP want to allow him to do this?

Encrypted files on their server -- over which they have no access?



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~David~ <shadoweyez@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
Tom wrote:

I would like to use my ISP's FTP server for backing up my personal
from my desktop. I was wondering if there is a tool available (open
source/freeware if possible) that can automatically encrypt files while
transfering them to a remote FTP server, so that the files on the
server cannot be used by the ISP.


The best that I've come across is FileZilla, found at It's free and open-source, and can do
and sftp, which is ran over an ssh server. FTP is not encrypted, so the
way for security in most cases is to make sure your ISP has an ssh server
set up
so you can use sftp (usually you log in with your normal user/pass).
will let you set up a profile for this, making it a pretty good
tool, IMHO.

Actually, the original question is more interesting than the
relatively simple question of encrypted transport.

What Tom wants is something that will automagiclaly encrypt the files
on the fly, and leave them in encrypted form on the target server.
The concern is not so much one of securing them from being sniffed in
transit in the clear, but rather to prevent admins of the target
server from being able to do anything useful with his data that he
stores there.

Best Regards,
Todd H.


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