Re: Symantec vs. McAfee

braveheart wrote:

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Which is the better total Internet Security System to install and why?

Thank you.


Symantec might give you the better protection,

And your qualifications for making that determination would be....??

None. That's what I thought.

You "read it somewhere", and just like every other bit of advice you try
to give you look like a fool because you really don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

If you go back over the long history of both products, McAfee has the
better track record. By far. Norton/Symantec has had some really poor
detection rates, and some of the most astounding holes and problems we've
seen in the AV world. And it hasn't been all that long ago either. Last
year someone found another "shut it off with three lines of code"
vulnerability where a virus or worm could just unloaded it from memory and
did it's thing. A complete joke.

but it's a pain to get out
when you want to uninstall, if you use any of it don't install the go back
product some of the symantic suites offer.

It's no harder or easier than any other AV software. They either uninstall
completely and cleanly, or they don't. And almost NONE of them do. Doesn't
matter what you run and try to uninstall, if you want it completely gone
you're looking at third party utilities and/or hand editing registry
entries, config files, and your directory structure.

By the way, I see you've nym hopped again. Is the heat too much for you in
the kitchen kiddo? :)