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John Gregory wrote:

Over the past week or two, I've begun receiving blank emails from unknown sources for no apparent reason. I did note that a number seemed to be originating from an edu extension in New York state. I never open then but I can tell they're blank from the preview window my Outlook 2003 Inbox. Here's the latest Xqogfkq@xxxxxxxxxxxxx I guess this is webmail.


Even Microsoft doesn't have enough resources to keep up with Outlook/OE Preview Pane exploits. Don't take this the wrong way, but are you nuts? I wouldn't use a preview pane with email from people that I know, let alone from the creeps that are sending you email.

I have both Outlook and Outlook Express, but would never use them. Every month I patch them, though, since MS has been kind enough to embed them into WinXP and the Office Suite. I don't think that I can remember a month in the past year where one or the other or both didn't require some kind of fix, in many cases a critical fix. Here is an advance notice of next week's fixes:


Look here for all of the recent Outlook/OE exploits:


And then do a Google for Preview Pane exploits and see if you can find a knowledgeable person not affiliated with MS who thinks that the indiscriminate use of the Preview Pane in Outlook/OE is a good idea.


Preview pane is just as safe as opening a message (actually a bit safer, as it can't run as much active content as an opened message), especially in newer versions with all of the current windows and Outlook patches installed.


This is from an MS Outlook MVP. Sounds reassuring as hell, doesn't it? Is there any security professional in the world who recommends opening mail from unknown sources? Beam me up, Scottie! Please!

Ron :)

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