Re: Why does Yahoo Games want me to download enhanced versions of games?

"Edw. Peach" <bogus_addie@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm not an online gamer but had a little time to burn so I went to a
Yahoo game site and played a game from the web. After finishing the
game, I get an onscreen invitation to download an enhanced version of
the game, with many more options.

I'm skeptica of a free lunchl. WHY does Yahoo want me to download
that game? It's not so I'll view the ads because it says there are no
ads packed in the game. Are they in the habit of adding more than
just the game itself to a download? :o

They want you to get addicted to the game so that you will eventually
purchase the full version. I don't know what it's like now, but they used
to make it so that the game would take longer to load every time you played
it. Or they limited the number of free plays. I haven't found many games to
be worth playing beyond their free trial capabilities.