Re: IT Security Manager Opportunity - Phoenix, AZ

From: "Moe Trin" <ibuprofin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Hey, the governor just signed a pay raise bill for all state employees.
| While the housing prices in the Phoenix metro area are lower, that salary
| range isn't going to get you a place in the most attractive parts of town,
| and the electric bill for running 7 Tons of central air conditioning is at
| least not much beyond what my sister is paying to heat her home in New York.
| Still, as a state employee, you would get a monthly bus pass, and most of
| the "Park N Ride" transfer points offer covered parking (don't knock that
| if you haven't been in the "Valley of the Sun" in summer).
| I'm not sure if this is a spoof or not. The posting address is from
|, and the phone numbers do match with Department of Health Services.
| Still, it was spewed from google.groups to (at least),
|,, and twice to (one assumes
| a lack of skills with a computer), but NOT to any of the applicable .jobs
| newsgroups such as ''. This shows a considerable lack of clue, and
| would indicate a highly undesirable work atmosphere.
| Old guy

I like the way you summed that up ! :-)