Re: Backup

nemo_outis wrote:

> Backing up to tape, CDs, or DVDs, while feasible, is a PITA.  Tedious and
> tiresome procedures are the enemy of the iron self-discipline needed to
> regularly make backups.  For that reason, I put convenience high on the
> list.  Accordingly I recommend backing up to HD - preferably a removable
> one (either get a "caddy" HD system for $25 or so, or, even better, use an
> external USB drive - it's best to store the drive offsite or at least some
> distance from the computer).

That has got to be one of the dumbest paragraphs you've typed to date.
First you claim traditional backup methods are a PITA, when they're not.
Unless you consider things like swapping media at the end of the day or
when a "change the tape" idiot light comes on some sort of major
undertaking I suppose.

Then you "advise" readers to use a backup media that's exactly as
vulnerable to compromise as their working media is, opening your backups
up to not only malicious attacks and other system failures, but those
lazy, incompetent users you 3elude to above who can't change a tape when
told to do so. You know they're going to want to use "Drive Z" to store
all those MP3's and shit. Suddenly your "backup" media is just another
drive with copies of some of your other data on it. Not really a backup at

You also completely miss the "all your eggs in one basked" problem.
There's a very good reason for doing varied incremental/full backups and
using numerous media Nemo. Shit happens. And when you need those backups
but your "hard drive" solution is corrupt or fails you're toast. If your
tape from yesterday fails, you use the prior one. You may still loose some
data, but you're not rebuilding all of it.

Then, if throwing stones at users and suggesting they defeat most if not
all of what making backups is about, you flip flop back to making your
whole crippled "solution" an even BIGGER pain in the ass. You claim it's
too much trouble for people to change tapes or CDs on a regular basis,
but you tell posters they should take an even more more fragile media
and store it off site somewhere. Like they're going to drive 20 miles
every day just to retrieve their USB drive, wait for backups to
complete, then take it back to storage again.

Yeah yeah yeah..... you're about to launch into some tirade about how you
meant this and I don't unsderstand that to defend this unconsidered answer
the same way you try to defend all the other dictionary inspired but
technically inept advice you've given, but the simple facts of the matter
will remain even after I've granted you that last word. 

Hard drive backup solutions are less secure and no less a PITA than any
other solution if they're done properly. Hard drive backups are also going
to be less reliable and more expensive if done properly. All in all, hard
drives are a very poor backup media that promote and enable very poor
backup practices. Not a serious consideration at all unless you're better
funded and staffed than most small to medium size businesses, and
certainly almost all individuals.


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