Re: Can someone just remove my hard disk and copy the contents?

>You're missing the point entirely. Whole disk encryption would have
>an unacceptably high chance of failure scenario. It does absolutely
>nothing to prevent someone from physically copying the drive if they have
>that sort of access to the hardware, and having that access means it's a

They would copy a disk full of encrypted giberish, and if a half decent
encryption program is used wouldn't have access to the information on
the disk

>fair bet they would install a logging device that would capture the keys
>to unlock the stolen data with what can only be called "ease". :(

They can't install a key logger on an encrypted disk

>That you'd suggest a software solution to a physical security problem only
>belies your ignorance. What's needed in this case is either a better
>"seal", like a vault or safe, or to simply keep possession of the

Not everyone has the luxury of a safe to keep their computer in, I
suppose you do?

>hardware. There's also a couple other possibilities like a surveillance
>"honey pot" that might have something to do with cameras or such....

>You I understand, you're a sock puppet wannabe. But I'm honestly a bit
>surprised nemo didn't see through to this simple logic. <sigh>

You sound like an ignorant troll because you are.


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