Re: Password Security

Well it looks like the trolls are back,


That would be you troll

>>It's not necessary to go through your data mining site to get Password
>>Safe. Here is the actual URL people....


> * (no logs Internet) * Anonymous Secure Offshore

>>Bradenton, Florida is off shore now? Or did you mean off shore from some
>>other perspective?

> SHH-2 Surfing Tunnels * Anonymous Mail & News through SHH-2 Tunnels * Free
> Resources and Privacy Software

>>Anonymous, Eh? Perhaps you can explain how you can offer any real
>>anonymity in light of the fact that you're a subscription based, single
>>point of contact, and open to easy traffic analysis as a result of
>>being real time...??

>>Why are you using squid if you're not logging?

>>Where would these alleged "off shore" servers reside? Care to name them?
>>Or are you afraid to have them scrutinized? Maybe they're not as off shore
>>as you claim?

>>Over half your "advertised" servers are inside EU member nations. Are you
>>unaware of the recent developments regarding forced logging of ALL
>>connection data in those member nations? The forced log retention? Or do
>>you just not care?

>>Why do you still have servers in Hong Kong after it's been shown that it's
>>easier to force information out of that Government than it is to get it
>>(legally) in the US?

>>Why are you stealing bandwidth from the Tor network for your profit? If
>>you're really an ANONYMOUS service, why would you need it?

Go crawl under your rock troll and read their web site, stay anonymous
and use re-mailers, then we'll know you haven't got an agenda, LOL


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