Re: Can someone just remove my hard disk and copy the contents?

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> Aside from that, if you are really paranoid or need
> ultra-security, there are programs and products that will
> encrypt the whole drive contents for you, such as
> TrueCrypt, PGP whole-disk, and loop-aes (linux only).

TrueCrypt can't encrypt whole drive. It can encrypt
partitions but not the system partition. There is also
DriveCrypt Plus Pack, a really good program for whole drive
encryption. Many Linux/UNIX distributions have their own
crypto drivers for whole disk encryption.

>To be honest, these programs are usually more trouble
> than they are worth ($$$, time, risk of data loss) but if
> you need the data ultra-secure, they will do that.

Trouble? DriveCrypt Plus Pack is really easy to use. You need
just enter the password/USB key when computer boots and
that's all. Installation is also easy. TrueCrypt can't
encrypt your system partition, but it can encrypt other
partitions and/or make encrypted files that can be mounted
like partitions. They are very stable, user-friendly and
don't cause any problems. TrueCrypt is free. Risk of data
loss always exists, you should *always* have backups.

> myahact@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Suppose I leave my laptop at work for the weekend,
>> couldn't someone unscrew the hard-disk panel, remove the
>> hard-disk, plug into it some gizmo and copy all my data?
>> If so, would that leave a physical trace like a broken
>> seal or something, or perhaps a system log entry where
>> the date and time would be written?

Why do you want to leave your laptop at work? There are some
simpler ways to get to your data other than unscrewing the
HDD. Besides somebody could install a bug/keylogger/malicious
software on your laptop. If you don't have to-don't leave it.
If you must-leave it in a safe place if you have some
important data on it.


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