Re: Google and the government

kwest wrote:

> I was just wondering about something regarding the whole Google and Bush
> administration issue. Is there a way for the government to track what
> people are searching for without going through Google records. Something

Sure. All they'd have to do is "tap" every line into Google.

But just making Google hand over the info is a lot less expensive in both
time and effort.

> similar to the way that China's government controls for example? One would
> assume that this would be the next step in trying to "protect" us...or

The "next" step? they're already doing this. Some people say we should
impeach out President because of it.

> since I am the paranoid type am wondering if something like this could
> already be in effect.

Watch the news. Assume that you will not hear about everything the
government does. ;)


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