Re: Free Packet Sniffers

Todd H. wrote:
"Maxime Ducharme" <mducharme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I also suggest Ethereal from

tcpdump from will alow to capture
data in a file for further analysis

These are really the last word in free packet sniffing. Ethereal is
the stuff.

While I use ethereal, it is a valid product, there are several exploits against ethereal and several viruses which can elude ethereal detection IF it is loaded on an infected machine. I recommend using it on a separate device from the machine being monitored even though it can work fairly well monitoring on the local machine. When running in the local machine to monitor local machine activity, streaming media can be problematic with low end (slow) devices.

But ethereal is almost as good as having a dedicated sniffer device. We have used the box with taps in closets for several years, it has been fairly reliable giving us what we need.

I prefer the nix versions but it is a good and stable product in nix and winx environs. Concur with tcpdump suggested above as essential to the configuration.