Re: Is Microsoft serious?

On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article
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>At least current versions of their server software comes shut down
>instead of everything left wide open, they have made progress on some

I find that to be startling.

>One issue I have found disturbing however is Microsoft engineers don't
>even understand portions of their own code. With so much of their code
>written overseas certain delicacies of the OS is not fully understood by
>their own engineers in the countries of origin. We ran across this
>writing active directory applications and noting certain values
>documented to do certain things that obtained values they could not
>explain. It was a confidence builder in there code yup, yup....

Bugtraq - two articles in the thread "Microsoft knew about the WMF flaw for
years" by "rms@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ("Richard M. Smith")" and the response
from "ge@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Gadi Evron)" dated Tuesday. The later article (I
have no idea who Gadi is working for now - he was a conslutant to the
Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel []) is speculation but
does sound convincing.

"I have heard"(tm) that this was due to staff turnover and documentation
problems. Certainly in older versions there were many reports of code in
the O/S that no one knew, no one "owned", yet was being used in
"undocumented" ways. I have never seen more than snippets of code in
college classes (and my C skills are for dire emergency use only), but can
understand how this would occur.

Old guy

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