Re: Using hotel computer?

Yeah. My simple solution is to carry a worthless old laptop with a
old fashioned modem. Just to check my email, I don't need a high speed
connection. And, if stolen, there's no "mission critical" stuff on it.
I know
that is old-fashioned, but so am I. The high tech solutions have
so geeky, that I migrated back to Win 98, and run PestPatrol, SAV, and
few other protections.

You just mentioned Bill Gates, Man of the Year. I like him so much I
posted a poem. I don't cross-post, so I won't put it here. But, it's
to find: just fish up the newsgroup alt.jokes.limericks. They are
a ball right now on Osama Bin Robertson, and other Supreme Soup stuff
(some of which you might find offensive). So, go there at your own

dave tilson