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>Babel17delany <Babel17delany@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Todd, suppose I, a person who likes computing but is technically not
>> very adept, wants to try his hand at Linux. I presently use Windows
>> XP. I don't know a thing about Linux.
>> Where do I start?

"And the Queen said to Alice ``Start at the beginning - go to the end
and then stop''"

>> What do I read?

A google search will provide tons of leads - including many free books
( and "HOWTO"s
( Your local library
probably has several books (unfortunately they tend to be older than
desirable), as does your local Barnes & Noble, Waldens, or whatever.

>> What do I buy? Building anything out of componants is way, way beyond
>> my abilities. The problem you will have is that of
choice. "Linux" is the operating system, but (literally) hundreds of
companies offer distributions, which are combinations of the O/S and
tools and applications. Which one is best? I dunno, which beer is
best? Which car?

You have a windoze box - probably something with an Intel Pentium, or
something from AMD or Cyrix? No problem - that's the most popular
type, and most distributions have versions for that. Is is a Mac?
While OS/X is actual a BSD in disguise, there are versions of Linux
for everything back to a Centris, on up through the very latest G6.
Got an IBM Z Series mainframe? Not a problem - several distributions
have versions for that too.

>Actually there's an excellent wonderful thing in Linux land to
>facilitate this these days--it's called a "Linux Live CD", which is an
>entire running Linux distribution on a single bootable CD-ROM.

Agreed - only problem to remember is that you can't _save_ anything
very easily.

>The first popular Live CD I think was Knoppix

And before that, there were bootable floppies - but there is only
so much you can stick onto one, and most people won't accept booting
from several to many - that gets old real quick.

>The flavor I'd point ya at is one I really dig-- it's called Ubuntu.

Does it taste like Budweiser? Or is it closer to Millers? Michelob?
Tuborg? Heiniken? Sapporo? ;-) All kidding aside, there is
choice, and that's the bottom line.

Got any friends using Linux? Use the one they do. Incidentally, that
also applies if your friends are using {Open|Free|Net}BSD. That way,
you have someone you can talk to. Also check to see if there are some
Linux User Groups in your area. Same reason.

Old guy

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