Re: HDD Platter Removal

bavis wrote:

> We want to be able to dismantle HDD's and destroy the platters to ensure
> the data is destroyed. This seems to require a special tool to remove the
> platters from the spindle on some of the older drives. The spindle
> appears to be held on with some sort of odd plate type thing with 6 slots
> on the edges. Is there a tool somewhere to remove this? Any

Yes. It's called a spanner wrench.

> recommendations on getting them off? Thanks.

If you're destroying the platters anyway, just secure the platter itself
with a set of vice grips or such (or an extra set of hands), and use a
hammer and screwdriver or chisel to turn that "plate type thing with the
slots around the edge". Put the end of the screwdriver in the little slot
at an angle that allows you to hammer the thing in the direction it needs
to go. Note that some are left hand and some are probably right hand

Of course the next logical question is why you're removing the platters.
It would be just as effective to destroy the entire unit I'd think...???