Re: Which free webmail is safest?

Trevor Jakes wrote:

> I had friends tell me not to use Google mail. One because of the whole
> scanning-indexing/ad-targeting issue, the other because they said Google
> reads all mail and attachments where as others (Hotmail, Yahoo!) only read

Unless they work for Google as email readers, or Yahoo as "incoming email
readers", they have no way to know any of this. None of us civilians do.

Never trust armchair lawyers who claim X does Y but Z doesn't. They're
only spreading the rumors they heard from the armchair lawyers they admire
the most. Sure there's going to be a few isolated cases that let people
say "told ya' so", but in the overall picture they're tiny, and
meaningless. What you're seeing is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
The unfortunate people who happen to have been caught.

> mail you receive. I'm not counting on any security anyways (posted
> privacy policies are the legal equivalent of "it's our data now"), so
> it's more of an intellectual curiousity.
> 1.
> Is there a difference in personal privacy between Yahoo, MSN, and Google
> free web e-mail?


It doesn't matter one bit what their "policy" is, or what little niggling
things have been discovered to be true or untrue. The ONLY thing you can
be assured of is that none of them are in any way private because email is
in no way private and they're storing all of it for you. :)

Human nature being what it is, if your email is being stored in the open
by a company with any number of employees greater than zero, somewhere,
some day, someone is going to read your mail and sell you name to the
highest bidder.

Welcome to reality. :)