Re: Digital Content Security Act

"Wayne" <4bu53@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Imhotep wrote:
>> Well, the movie Nazi's are trying it again...
>> ..."Congress is leaving a special gift under the tree for Hollywood's
>> film
>> industry. Just before closing for the holidays, legislators introduced a
>> new proposal designed to curb redistribution of movies.The Digital
>> Transition Content Security Act would embed anticopying technology into
>> the
>> next generation of digital video products. If it makes its way from
>> Capitol
>> Hill to the Oval Office and becomes law, the measure will outlaw the
>> manufacture or sale of electronic devices that convert analog video
>> signals
>> into digital video signals, effective one year from its enactment.
>> PC-based
>> tuners and digital video recorders are listed among the devices."
>> Imhotep
> There I was thinking that MS were bad for stifling innovation.