Re: pc takeover

ibuprofin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Moe Trin) wrote in

>>And so, unless one has mountains of money to spend on third parties to
>>maintain a system, one must learn how to do these things oneself.
> No one expects to have to maintain their own car - but the various
> states and insurance companies have managed to require that drivers
> have some training and pass tests before being turned loose onto the
> roads? Aren't you glad the national authorities that license pilots
> have substantially more stringent training and testing requirements?

No one expects to maintain his car *today!* For, say, the first 30 or
more years after the automobile was available to the public maintaining
one's car was a necessary element of ownership (for all but the very
rich) - in fact, tinkering was half the appeal. The test for an
operator's licence required the ability to make "running repairs" - a
chauffer's licence required a considerably higher level of familiarity
and skill. (My late father's chauffer licence, granted in the late 1920s
in Montreal, involved extensive tests on mechanical aspects, not mere

Computers for the masses have only been around a little over 20 years -
it is not all that surprising that they too require significant skill
beyond mere operation if one does not wish to be a plaything of the
vicissitudes of fortune.

> -------------------
> > Perhaps a licensing process to qualify to purchase a computer...?
> I seriously wonder, at times. It's either that or redefine
> "computer" to be something worthwhile investing time configuring and
> taking pride in the running thereof, rather than some tarted-up
> Etch-A-Sketch used for propagating your shopping-lists via the
> latest email virus.
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>>And, as Aristotle pointed out, there is no royal road to learning.
>>And so I counselled the poster to learn how to use the heavy-duty
>>tools and not merely gutted ones.
> Tell that to the computer industry. "No, No, No - any sheep can
> operate one of our computers" - you see the results.

The gullibility of the public may explain but does not excuse the
charlatanry of the industry. However, be that as it may, if one does not
class oneself as one of the sheeple who are their prey it is necessary to
learn how to do at least "running repairs" and perhaps even acquire the
greater skills analogous to those of a chauffer in the early auto days.
Such was my advice to the poster and I stand by it.