Re: anonymous surfing

thunderbird wrote:

>>Winged wrote:
>> The concept of "off shore" is a total sham. Treaties and agreements
>> between countries can make obtaining evidence from another jurisdiction
>> easier than obtaining that same information locally.
>> My exp has found traveling across various jurisdictions "can" be very
>> problematic. Especially for countries in br, ph, ru and ch. While I
>> can
>>>Your "experience" sucks. Look the subject of MLATS up in recent AP/APAS
>>>debates to find links and cites from the legislations that make
>>>gathering evidence across borders a matter of an attorney filing the
>>>right form. And a link TO that form. And cites showing how they must
>>>comply if possible. And cites showing that it's FAR more possible in
>>>many jurisdictions than it is in the US.
> Posted by a lawyer such as yourself I asume. Any treaty has a process that
> can take some time unless your a serious concern.

So now you've gone from "can't happen" to "takes some time".

Waffle much?


>>>The US is actually one of the most protective countries when it comes to
>>>your privacy. Some places are absolutely horrible, and SOME places make
>>>logging your activity MANDATORY. But bashing the US is a popular thing
>>>these days, so the snake oil peddlers jump all over it.
> Some privacy outfits simply don't log and shut down a server if thier

Some of them say they don't log, then use their logs to track down people
who are dissing them.

"We don't log anything"

"Hello, I am the owner of Today i saw some extra visitors, so
i checked where they came from and arrived here.



> forced to, they have enough of them, besides no personally identifying
> info on the server remember.

Right. We're suppose to believe someone who just lied to us. Who lied to
us a lot in the past too. An anonymous liar who is too scared to run a
business in the clear.

No thanks.

>> not argue in general, the statement is true, there are a number of
>> jurisdictional boundaries that make tracking very difficult. If one were
>> striving for anonymity one would not use the same cascade in the same
>> order twice which further adds complexity.
>> Additionally when one does a cascade over multiple routers across
>> multiple boundaries, it does make the anonymous issue more complex.
>>>That might be true, but then these scam artists are claiming that if you
>>>use their SAME servers over and over they're "completely anonymous"
>>>because the server is in Hong Kong and you're not. Neither are they, by
>>>the way. Which is good for them but REAL bad for you.
> It's kinda funny, but one of them just explained not to long ago how the
> server is secured,

Where? Cites?

The only thing you've done is keep parroting this idiotic claim.

> aside from not having any of your info on it. Look through alt.privacy or
> google it, or just come back and troll, it's what you do best!
>> Might want to be careful about cascading through Saudi Arabia, they
>> might be allowed to extradite you and penalty is death by
>> beheading...strange for a country with no copyright restrictions.
> Lol, no I know has a server there, lol

Illiterate putz.

>>>You might wan to be careful about cascading through Hong Kong, where any
>>>official can confiscate or monitor your communications on a whim, with
>>>no warrant at all. And were most activity is logged because it HAS to
> Not all do it, they will move the server, no info on it about you anyway,
> remember?
>>>You might want to be careful about cascading through any EU member
>>>nation, where some activity MUST be logged by law. Where it's getting
>>>even worse almost every day.
> No privacy service has had a problem there yet where thier customers are
> concerned.
>>>You MIGHT want to be careful about choosing any country to trust your
>>>anonymity and privacy to before you have a single CLUE exactly what the
>>>laws are in that country.
> How does it go, dito
> No more for me thanks, I don't get a thrill out of replying to nym hopping
> trolls,

And yet, you talk to yourself quite a bit. Or at least answer for other

> you should worry more about black boxes pal.

Why? I don't use any of these services. I have nothing to gain or loose if
they live or die.

You on the other hand obviously have some vested interest in
Nobody without a "cause" would be here supporting them after the way
they've been stripped naked and proven "lacking", unless they had some
sort of agenda.