Re: Where is the IE zero day exploit in the news...

karl levinson, mvp wrote:
"Imhotep" <imhotep@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:06ednWvfi8486QvenZ2dnUVZ_sidnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I think the point here is that home users (who usually are the people that
get crewed more often than not) deserve to be warned that using IE right
now is very risky. Frankly MS OWES it to the home users...For example, they
could easily post the news on their site...or popup a window when a
windowsupdate is kicked off. But then again, they really do not care much.

I disagree. Warning home users about a bug that is unlikely to hit them and for which there is no patch, when there are bigger things for home users to worry about, won't do anything but cause panic and FUD. I write and send security alerts to a large audience at work and haven't written anything about this. hasn't put this as an alert on their home page. I'd be really surprised if a DoD IAVA had been issued on this. The various other security companies that make their living on recycling security alerts to techies haven't been raising the alarm, and these are companies that are not always friendly to Microsoft or vulnerable to bribes. Face it, no one in or out of the security industry is rating this as being critical enough to warn home users.

Actually take a re-look, there is a DOD advisory on issue.