Re: Truecrypt 4.1

From: nemo_outis (
Date: 11/29/05

Date: 29 Nov 2005 18:46:30 GMT

Ari Silverstein <abcarisilversteinn@yahoo.comxyz> wrote in

> On 29 Nov 2005 15:41:19 GMT, nemo_outis wrote:
>>> You can disclaim anything you want, in a USA Federal Court, you're
>>> disclaimer can be valued at the toilet paper level.
>> Can I have some of whatever you're on? It must be good stuff.
>> Except for wild speculation, you have not pointed to anything that
>> would have the remotest chance of standing up a a basis of claim.
> Having been sued, professionally witnessed, won and lost, on such
> cases, Ill take the realities I know for the theory you purport.
>> So, let me extend to you the same invitation I made to Borky: cite
>> some cases - shit, any cases! - of successful suits for failing to
>> update free software. Any jurisdiction - I'll even settle for
>> Burkina Faso.
>> Regards,
> It's not worth the effort to attempt to dissuade folks like you who
> have delusional senses of actual court actions.

Oh, to the contrary, Ari, I'm most eager to learn. Public humiliation is a
small price to pay to improve my understanding and correct my errors - I'm
more than willing to pay that price.

So since you boast above that you have "won and lost" such cases, please be
so good as to cite them. Don't let a misplaced sense of compassion
dissuade you - crush me with the full specific details. After all, with
your first-hand knowledge and the cases being a matter of public record,
you should have no problems doing so, right?

Put up or shut up, Ari - cite the cases!