Re: Truecrypt 4.1

From: nemo_outis (
Date: 11/27/05

Date: 27 Nov 2005 17:26:04 GMT

Borked Pseudo Mailed <> wrote in

>> You seem to have a strange sense of entitlement. The authors of a
>> free program have exactly ZERO duty or responsibility - least of all
>> to you, a whining parasite!
> The price one charges for a product and their liability and
> responsibility for that product are NOT synonymous nemo. Sorry. If it
> doesn't work as advertised they're liable for any damages it might
> cause, and that has nothing at all to do with how much money they make
> off it.
> In the case of TrueCrypt they're offering software that allegedly
> secures data. If there's some flaw that makes this software insecure
> and they DON'T make an acceptable effort to fix that flaw they're
> negligent. Again, no matter what they're charging for the product.
> This is the cross ALL software authors must bear. If you don't want to
> play the game, stay home. :)

Nope, not so. If you're interested in legal folderol you might wish to
read the Truecrypt Licence, and, more particularly, Section IV, Disclaimer
of Warranties and Liabilities.

As a more practical matter, the authors are unknown, and this would make
pursuing a claim more than a little difficult. (I speculate that they're
also likely impecunious, too :-)

As for maintaining that the authors of a freeware program have a duty to
update it - that is so preposterous as not to deserve further comment.

Caveat emptor. And all the more so when the "emptor" has paid nothing. No,
I stand by my statement: no duty and no responsibility. And I say so, not
just regarding reasonable jurisdictions, but even for the litigious lawyer-
infested USA.